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What is a Payday Loan

A cash advance or payday loan is a very simple way to get cash between now and you next payday. You will have the cash in need in minutes. With a payday loan you get cash fast, and we simply hold a blank check until your next payday. Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete our easy application.
  2. Write a check for the amount you need.
  3. We give you the cash you need.
  4. You return on the due date to make your payment, then we return your check that we were holding.

To Apply Bring Your

  • Valid Government issued ID
  • Most recent pay stub
  • Proof of social security
  • Most recent bank statement
  • Blank check
*Requirements may vary by state

To get the cash you need, call us now at 888-227-4758, visit your local Approved Cash center or apply online now.

If you need urgent financing to bridge the gap between now and your next payday, or are experiencing a financial emergency, it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out what the right solution is. Approved Cash specializes in payday loans and cash advance services, providing you with the money you need today. Our loans are easy to apply for and you will be able to repay the loan the next time you receive your next pay check.

Approved Cash - Always Easy, Always Approved.

Title loans are cash advances provided to a borrower to meet financial needs. As a borrower, you will be required to use your car title as collateral for the loan. If you miss a payment or make a late payment, your vehicle may be repossessed. Depending on your state title loans may also be referred to as a title pledge, pawnshop, collateralized small loan, or motor vehicle title loan.

Payday loans are cash advances provided to a borrower to meet financial needs. As a borrower, you will be required to write a check from your personal checking account as collateral to cover the full payment of this loan. A single payday advance is typically for two to four weeks. However, borrowers often use these loans over a period of months, which can be expensive. Payday advances are not recommended as long-term financial solutions. Depending on your state payday loans may also be referred to as a cash advance, delayed deposit, deferred deposit, or deferred presentment loans.

You will be required to sign a loan agreement that tells you the amount you have requested to borrow, the annual percentage rate (APR) for that loan, the amount of interest and fees that may be charged for that loan, and the payment terms of the loan. These types of credit may be two of the more expensive borrowing options available to you and are meant for short-term use only.